Hypnosis is a powerful tool for problem solving and is used to bring your sub-conscious to the forefront. This allows you to access information not otherwise readily available to your conscious mind.

Hypnosis utilizes a natural mind state, one which we slip into many times each day when we daydream, read, listen to music, or indeed do anything that does not require intense concentration or mental chatter. This relaxed state of awareness is a powerful tool for problem solving as your imagination has free reign to explore and find the solutions to your questions. This subtle shift of consciousness allows us to daydream, zone out when we are doing mundane tasks, or use our imagination to become fully engaged with a singular focus such as reading a good book, or watching an engrossing film. When the busy conscious mind retreats it observes in a distant way how the past and present connect. You may find during the session whilst in hypnosis that your conscious mind has an inner dialogue as it tries to interpret what it you are experiencing. It is recommended that you observe and not edit or analyse what impressions or images come to mind. Trance states are automatic and natural taking place when we are relaxed, focused inwardly, deeply engaged or occupied with full awareness and attention. There is nothing to do in the sessions but to let yourself relax deeply.

We all have the ability to access our souls history and experience our spiritual essence to attain self awareness which resolves any conflicts we may be experiencing. Hypnosis is an effective tool that allows us to to explore several levels of consciousness so that we may find the answers to our most pressing questions.